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Red figure

Red figure
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Eros-Pompe-Dionysus Oinochoe

Pompe, the female personification of a procession, between Eros and Dionysos.Pompe, whose mantle onl..


Erotic scene

Wine Jug (Oenochoe) by the Shuvalov Painter (an Attic vase painter of the red-figure style, active b..


Euphronios Krater

Athletes preparing for a competition.Red-figure  Calyx-krater by Euphronios, Antikensammlung Be..


Hippodamia abducted by Pelops

from a red-figure amphora ca. 415 BC. Arezzo, Museo ArcheologicoΗ. 33 -34 cm..


Kylix with Satyr

Kylix is the most common type of wine-drinking cup.Red figure A nude ithyphallic Satyr holds a ..


Lebes Gamikos Marriage Wedding Nuptial Vase

Τhe sumptuously dressed bride, seated on a gilded chair, is attended by Erotes, girls and women brin..


Lekythos -916

A lekythos is a type of ancient Greek vessel used for storing oil , especially olive oilRed figure p..


Lekythos with Goddess Athena

Athena holding spear and aphlaston, symbol of naval victory.Athena holds the curved stern of a trire..


Music Lesson by Phintias

This wonderful vase is one the first depictions of a subject which subsequently becomes more popular..


No 715 Volute Krater

The "Volute Krater" has a handle on either side which is in the form of a spiral . On the one side ..


Red figure vessel with a lid

This elegant vessel, known as an exaleiptron, takes its name from the Greek word meaning "to anoint...


Red-figure amphora, Oedipus & Sphinx

Oedipus solves the riddle of the Theban SphinxThe hero wears a traveller's cloak and petasos cap, an..


Rhyton ram's head

 Attic red-figure rhyton in the shape of a ram's head, an ancient Greek drinking vesselOne hand..


The sun and the stars krater

Red figured calyx- kraterThe scene is set at dawn, as the s u n  (God Helios)rises from the sea..


Themis & Aegeus

Attic Red Figure kylixThe childless King Aegeus receives a prophecy from Themis regarding the birth ..