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Wall Art

Wall Art
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Akrotiri Marine Festival fresco

Naval Fresco from Akrotiri, Thera, c. 1650-1500 This fresco shows a scene of the Minoan harber ..


Apollo playing his lyre (Delphi)

Handpainted fresco, scene from Attic kylix of the first quarter of the 5th century B.C. It depicts t..


Maenad & Apollo

2 pieces setHandpainted mini frescoes12 x 12 cm each pieceMaterial: CeramicReady to be hanged..


Minoan Sea Daffodils "Lilies" Fresco

Blue liliesAkrotiri, Thera1600 BCMuseum replica, handpaintedReady to be hanged12 x 16 (H) cm..


The 'Mycenaean Lady' fresco

Wall painting depicting a women in a procession, Mycenae, Greece. The 'Mycenaean Lady' fresco d..


The blue bird

One of the earliest and most important paintings from the so-called « House of Frescoes » at Knossos..


The Blue ladies fresco

Fresco - Crete | Palace of Knossos |1600-1450 BCThe Minoan ladies depicted in this fresco wear luxur..


The dolphins of Knossos

The Minoan dolphin fresco dates back to the period known as Late Minoan I (c.15th and 16th centuries..


The Fisherman

The world famous fresco of the Fisherman with his catch, found almost undamaged under the ash of vol..


Thoughtful Athena relief

One of the most moving sculptures in Classical Greece. The votive relief of Pensive Athena wearing D..