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La Parisienne (fresco)

La Parisienne (fresco)

La Parisienne also known as the Minoan Lady, is part of the Camp Stool Fresco, which was probably painted on the wall of the Sanctuary Hall on the Piano Nobile at the palace of Knossos. The sacral knot worn at the back of the neck seems to indicate that she is a priestess or even a goddess. 
Her name was given by  an art historian and archaeologist, as she resembled a contemporary woman from Paris.
The Minoan ladies highlighted the red lips and the white of the face. In the fresco of the Parisienne, the use of the black colour for emphasizing the form of the eyes and red for the lips can clearly be seen.

It dates to the Final Palatial Period, ca. 1450-1350/1300 B.C., and is currently in the Herakleion Archaeological Museum.

23 x 31 cm 

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