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Busts & statues

Busts & statues
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Statue of Asklepios

The Greek god of medicine, and patron of physicians.Asclepius with his serpent-entwined staff.(the R..


Alexander as Helios

Head of Alexander, as the sun God Helios.Original in Museum of Fine Arts, BostonMuseum ReplicaMateri..


Alexander the Great

This portrait is reproduced from a full figure in Munich. Son of Macedonian king Phillip was known f..


Alexander the Great, Acropolis

Head of Alexander, found near the Erechtheion of the Athens Acropolis in 1886. Thought to be an orig..


Alexander the Great, Pella

 Statuette of Alexander the Great.From Pella, late 4th - early 3rd century BC.Pella Archaeologi..


Antinous fragment

Bas-relief on a base of Antinous as Vertumnus (god of seasons, change and plant growth, as well as g..


Aphrodite of Milos

One of the greatest and well known statues of Hellenistic Period. A representation of Aphrodite, (Ve..


Apollon of Olympia

The Apollon of Olympia was part of the group of sculptures found in the west pediment of the Temple ..


Archaic sculpture Kore

Kore  is the modern term given to a type of free-standing ancient Greek sculpture of the Archai..


Arm of Zeus

Hellenistic arm of a statue of ZeusFound in Aigeira, Achaia.The left arm of the statue Zeus is bent ..


Artemision Poseidon or Zeus No 341

Artemision Zeus or Poseidon, recovered from a shipwreck off Cape Artemision, and would have hel..


Blond boy- Acropolis

The turn and tilt of this head raises questions about what the statue from which it came looked like..


Bull’s Head Rhyton from Knossos

 The rhyton was used as a ritual vessel for pouring liquids (libation). It dates to the Neopala..


Bust of Piraeus Apollo

Bust of the wonderful statue of ApolloPiraeus Archaelogical Museumca. 530 BC - ca. 520 BCKouros stan..


Centauromachy scene

Centaur and LapithParthenon metope  447-433 BC. Greek civilisation, 5th century BC. London, Bri..