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A beautiful shop, hand made pieces with charm and thought
- Vanessa - Australia
Varied selection of good products
- Antonio - Missouri
If you want to buy high-quality ornaments for your beloved ones and yourself too,this is the place
- Francisco, Chile
Perfect copies of statues, vases, etc. Haven't see anything like it when we travelled through whole of Greece
- Julia - Holland
A reproduction of the Discobolus of Myron, depicting a Discus Thrower about to release his throw. Th..
Warrior from Dodona, probably AchillesFrom Dodona, Peloponesse510/500 BC Staatliche Museen zu B..
The Artemision Bronze (often called the God from the Sea) is an ancient Greek sculpture that was rec..
A beautiful geometric artpieceAthena on a Chariot17 x 25 cmMaterial: Pure bronze sculpture, chemical..
The Greek god of medicine, and patron of physicians.Asclepius with his serpent-entwined staff.(the R..
Head of Alexander, as the sun God Helios.Original in Museum of Fine Arts, BostonMuseum ReplicaMateri..
This portrait is reproduced from a full figure in Munich. Son of Macedonian king Phillip was known f..
Head of Alexander, found near the Erechtheion of the Athens Acropolis in 1886. Thought to be an orig..
 Statuette of Alexander the Great.From Pella, late 4th - early 3rd century BC.Pella Archaeologi..
 Kamares potteryMiddle Minoan, 2000-1700 BCHeraklion MuseumHandmade Museum replicaHeight 16 cm..
This Attic White Ground kylix of the early 5th century BC has a most distinctive depiction of the Ap..
Τhe sumptuously dressed bride, seated on a gilded chair, is attended by Erotes, girls and women brin..
Minoan vessel1500 BCMuseum replicaHeraklion Archaelogical MuseumH 13 cm..
Black Minoan vase with white lilies - Reproduction of original In The Heraklion…Late Minoan period&n..
Schematic female figurines with arms folded or raised in an attitude of supplication are the commone..
23 x 17 cmmale figure playing a musical instrument, lyre or harp.Keros, Early Cycladic II period (Ke..
This most thrilling cast statue of a horse and its rider was found in fragments in an ancient shipwr..
Racehorses were potent symbols used by both individuals and the state to express power, encourage ci..
Winged Horse, Pegasus.Verdigris patinaH. 26 cm..