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A discus thrower is depicted about to release his throw

A discus thrower is depicted about to release his throw

A reproduction of the Discobolus of Myron, depicting a Discus Thrower about to release his throw. The Discobolus is a famous Roman marble, copy of the lost Greek bronze original, made between 460-450 BC.

The Discobolus of Myron is a Greek sculpture that was completed towards the end of the Severe period, circa 460-450 BC. The original Greek bronze is lost but the work is known through numerous Roman copies, both full-scale ones in marble, which was cheaper than bronze, such as the first to be recovered, the Palombara Discobolus, or smaller scaled versions in bronze.

The potential energy expressed in this sculpture's tightly-wound pose, expressing the moment of stasis just before the release, is an example of the advancement of Classical sculpture from Archaic. 


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