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Apollo playing his lyre (Delphi)

Apollo playing his lyre (Delphi)

Handpainted fresco, scene from Attic kylix of the first quarter of the 5th century B.C.

It depicts the god Apollo in a very typical posture: the god, against a white background, is seated on a stool (diphros). He wears a white tunic (chiton) and a purple himation which wraps the lower part of his body. He wears a wreath of myrtle leaves on the head, decorating his hair which is tied at the back of his head. With his right hand he pours some wine from a shallow bowl (phiale) thus performing a libation, whereas in his left hand he holds a seven-stringed lyre with a sound-box made of a turtle's shell, a precursor of the guitar. Opposite the god stands a black bird. Some scholars relate it to the art of divination, whereas others identify it with a rook, associating it thus with the myth of Koronis, daughter of the king Phlegyas, with whom Apollo had fallen in love.

Delphi, Greece

12 x 12 cm 


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