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No 715 Volute Krater

No 715 Volute Krater

The "Volute Krater" has a handle on either side which is in the form of a spiral . On the one side Kephalos being carried off by Eos, the goddess of Dawn. kephalos is already in Eos' chariot, wgich is preceded by Phosphoros, the morning Star. Below at the bottom sea monsters on left and right, between them a dolphin. All three indicate the sea above which the chariot of Dawn plies its course. The other side shows Peleus wrestling with Thetis who desperately tries to keep her freedom. Above them a dove with a wreath in its beak. A rock with two pipes coming out presumably indicating a spring where Thetis had been bathing. Two Nereids scatter in terror, one of them holding a chest in her hand, the other a mirror. On the crater's neck, pictures of a bull and stag respectively, being attacked by winged griffins. Magnificent handles. Circa 340 B.C.

The original is in Rome, Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia

Height 60 cm


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