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Corinthian Round-Bodied Pyxis

Corinthian Round-Bodied Pyxis

An animal frieze encircles the body of this Corinthian black‑figure pyxis. Real and mythological creatures, including lions, a goat, a bull, and a bearded siren, make up the decoration. Their stylized, sharply outlined bodies rhythmically balance against one another. Rosettes fill the spaces around the animals. Above this, a lotus and palmette chain decorates the shoulder of the vessel. In place of handles, the potter has added mold‑made female heads. 

The pyxis was a container for perfumed oils and cosmetics. Beginning around 575 B.C., Corinthian potters occasionally added mold‑made heads to these vessels. By the early 500s B.C., Corinthian pottery dominated the market for figure-decorated vessels and was widely exported throughout the Mediterranean.

Perhaps by the Chimaera Painter (Greek (Corinthian), active 600 - 575 B.C.)

J. Paul Getty Museum

H. 20 cm


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