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Laconian kylix

Laconian kylix

An Exceptional and Highly Important Laconian Kylix Attributed to the Boreads Painter: Bellerophan Battling the Chimaera
On this  Spartan black-figure kylix or cup, the Greek hero Bellerophon battles the monstrous Chimaera, a fire-breathing creature that combines elements of a lion, a snake, and a goat. In most depictions of this myth, a favorite among Greek artists in the 600s and early 500s B.C., Bellerophon rides Pegasos, his winged horse, but here he has dismounted, still holding the reins. While Pegasos strikes at the Chimaera with his hooves, Bellerophon spears the monster from underneath.
, ca. 565 B.C.E
From the collection of the Getty Villa Museum, California.

22 cm diameter

29 cm handle to handle


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