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Attic black-figure olpe

Attic black-figure olpe

Archaic Greek Art (7th-6th centuries BC)
Herakles presented to Poseidon
The painted scene is of Herakles entering Olympus. He is being greeted by Poseidon, easily recognisable thanks to his trident. Herakles is depicted without his usual attributes, his lion skin and club. Instead, he is wearing a short, richly embroidered chiton and is carrying a sword and bow. He is preceded by Athena, who has a shield decorated with a magnificent episemon, or ornament, in the shape of an owl, and Hermes, whose position suggests he represents the transition between the two worlds.

The potter's signature, "Amasis m'epoiesen", is inscribed on either side of Athena's spear.

Museum replica, Original in Louvre Museum, Paris

H. 26 cm


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