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589 Pyxis

589 Pyxis

  1. The Judgment of the most beautiful woman by Paris.
  1. In the centre is Paris, sitting on a rock. To his right is Hermes, the messenger of the gods, holding   a caduceus. To Paris' left is an old man, possibly  his teacher.  Aphrodite, accompanied by Eros. In the centre is Athena looking at Hera, who carries the sceptre of kingship and a crown to identify her. Paris has been asked to judge which of the three is the most beautiful woman. He chooses Aphrodite. As a result, Hera denies him the kingship of Troy; Athena denies him success in war (against the Greeks); but Aphrodite awards him success in love, with Helen. 
  1. Penthesilea Painter. 460 B.C. Metropolitan Museum of New York
  1. Pyxis used to hold cosmetics and jewelry.
  1. Ηeight 34 cm


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