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Shipwrecked amphora

SOLD OUT Shipwrecked amphora

This huge amphora was originally used to carry wine overseas.  It was shipwrecked before arriving at its final destination and was eventually pulled from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.  These transport amphoras, as they were known, were used extensively for the transport and storage of wine, olive oil, marine products, preserved fruits and other commodities throughout the ancient Mediterranean. 
While other amphorae are often highly decorated, transport amphorae are undecorated and unglazed, and were specifically designed for marine transport, each holding up to under half a ton.  This example shares common features that enabled both pouring and efficient stacking in ships, it has two vertical double-thick handles; ovoid form with thick walls for strength; wide conical neck for easy pouring and a tapering base with a short peg that allowed the amphorae to be stacked safely one upon the other.  

H. 50 cm with bronze tripod
Handmade patina


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